Faceted Search 3.0 New Feature: Faceted Search Modes

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With the release of Faceted Search 3.0, users can choose from 3 different search modes:



 Exclusive search mode is the original search mode, where it will only return posts that are tagged with ALL the selected categories/tags. 



Inclusive search mode, on the other hand, will include all posts tagged with ANY of the selected categories/tags.


Smart Search:

Smart search mode is only for categories, and will conduct an inclusive search only for sibling categories (that is, categories that are subcategories of the same parent category), and will conduct an exclusive search for everything else.


Which mode is right for me?

This depends on whether you want to narrow down or expand your search results. 


-If you have a bunch of posts, and want to narrow them down to only ones that match certain criteria, then use Exclusive search mode.  You can see a good example of this at newegg.com.


-If you want as many results as possible, use the Inclusive search mode.  Every additional term you select will expand your search.


-If you want to have the option to narrow the search for certain terms while expanding them for others, then use the Smart Search mode.  For example, suppose you had a site with posts about people,  and you set up your category hierarchy with 'male' and 'female' as subcategories of the 'gender' category, and different ages as subcategories of an 'age' category..  Suppose you wanted to search for posts about people at two different ages and a certain gender.  You could do that all in one search with the Smart Search mode.